Our mission is to create a pop-up holiday marketplace for vendors whose product have and create a social impact.

  • Giving For Good

    Why not buy gifts that also have a social impact?


    The event brings together social enterprises like Higher Ground, Riverzedge, Providence Granola, YANA, Oh So Africa and Conscious Steps for the first event holiday marketplace. The National Retail Federation estimates that American consumers will spend $630 billion during the 2015 holiday season. Many local merchants are suggesting that we buy local to return consumer dollars to local economies. Imagine what the impact of those dollars would be if we channeled some of them to buying gifts that embrace a social mission.

    Why Now?

    In Rhode Island, we have an unusually vital and robust social enterprise community, featuring organizations that provide services, like catering and gardening to support employment, as well as organizations that offer high quality items, where the profit goes back to address needs like hunger, poverty, refugee resettlement, and many others. This approach is part of a larger social movement that aims to enhance social impact. Please join us to meet our vendors and learn about their work. This provides an opportunity for the university community to purchase gifts that carry a story. We all have someone in our lives who cares about the larger community and would love to receive a gift that supports a social mission.

  • Past Events: December 8th, 2015

    Come support local social entrepreneurship in Rhode Island

    Selling Goods For A Social Purpose


    We will have 6 startup social entrepreneurs who will be selling their gifts. These gifts not only function as items you will enjoy, but will also go towards a social impact.

    Our Location: Bryant University


    Our marketplace will take place in the Bryant University rotunda other known at the "Rotto." We expect many people to attend and help support local social entrepreneurship. 

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    “Humanity’s greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity.”

    -Bill Gates

  • Providence Granola

    Beautiful Day seeks to build onramps to employment for recently-arrived refugees.Venture to a place very few have ever gone.

  • About Providence Granola

    Our granola company launched in 2008 with a purple marketing postcard, a wood cut we borrowed from Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and some tin tie windowed coffee bags. Since then we’ve crafted over 30 new recipes, employed 31 refugees, become a not-for-profit, become our state’s premier granola maker, and supplied our fans in RI and others across the US with several tons of the very best hand-made granola. Below is a brief introduction to the vocabulary of our company

  • YANA

    YANA (You Are Not Alone) is a start-up whose mission is to eliminate loneliness. YANA gifts help deliver the message you care & tells others You Are Not Alon

  • About YANA

    You Are Not Alone - Four words that can change someone’s life…and yours. Through caring, compassion, connection and community, YANA’s mission is to eliminate loneliness by:

    Inspiring a global community of individuals to be there for others, letting them know you care and YANA (learn more);

    Sharing inspiring stories (online, social media, face to face) of how the global YANA community has helped others in times of loneliness;

    Creating YANA items to deliver our uplifting message with a sense of warmth, sincerity and comfort; and

    Donating a percentage of proceeds from YANA items to fund the YANA Foundation

    The YANA Foundation will regularly support or recognize people, initiatives and organizations worldwide that need assistance and/or are living and practicing YANA's mission.

    These will be chosen by YOU, the YANA community!

  • Conscious Step

    Socks that make a difference. Each pair is uniquely designed, ethically manufactured and partnered with a first class nonprofit to fund impact for the world's to-do list, from educating kids, fighting hunger or treating disease, each pair makes a real difference for the things that matter. Each pair is a conscious step.

  • About Conscious Step

    Each pair is uniquely designed, ethically manufactured and partnered with a first-class non-profit to fund impact for the world’s biggest challenges - the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. 

  • Riverzedge Arts

    Creating positive educational and economic outcomes for underserved youth and communities through creative expression, disciplined effort, & self-reliance.

    Introduce your product or service!

  • About Riverzedge Arts

    Riverzedge Arts is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit that has grown to become one of Woonsocket, Rhode Island’s most important community-based institutions. While the core of our work remains focused on helping the area’s underserved youth population develop alternative pathways to success, we now play a critical role in the city’s educational, visioning, community relations and economic development activities.

  • Higher Ground International

    Higher Ground International aims to uplift and empower people in underserved communities in both Providence, RI and West Africa, improving their lives and providing meaningful opportunities for community development.

  • About Higher Ground International

    Higher Ground International is a vibrant and dynamic 501 (c) 3 tax- exempt non-profit NGO, which offers a “New Thinking” in providing supports and opportunities for the up-liftment of women, youth and young adults who are former child combatants, orphaned and disabled in the region of West Africa, Liberia and Sierra Leone. We also support those who have immigrated to the US, through the provision of advocacy, rehabilitation, shelter, skills training, education and employment creation. We endeavor to become partners with these women and young people as we help guide them in achieving their life’s goals of independence and self-determination.

  • Ava Anderson Non Toxic

    Educating on toxic chemicals in personal care and cleaning products, offering wide range of quality organic products free of harmful chemicals for humans and environment, and an important business opportunity. www.AvaAndersonNonToxic.com

  • About Ava Anderson Non Toxic

    Why do we care so much? Because your story is our story. At Ava Anderson Non Toxic, it is our responsibility and mission to educate consumers about ingredient information that is harmful to you, but can still be included in your personal and home products. Today, Ava Consultants across the United States are educating consumers through informative, fun avaHOURS. In five years, our product line has grown from a six piece avaSKIN set to include products for skin care, cosmetics, hair care, body care, baby care, sun care, pet care, scents, bug spray and home cleaning products.

  • Giving For Good Marketplace

    Bryant University, December 8th, 2015

    Interested in creating your own Pop-up Holiday Marketplace? Contact us below!

    By Professor Enos & Spencer Bratman

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